About the project

In Switzerland, it is possible to make an apprenticeship lasting 4 years. To validate the final exam, you have to complete a two-weeks project.

For this project, I had to develop an Android application.

This application has to allow visitors of events in our company to access more easely information about the events. The application should allow to select one of the events, to select a stand and the application has to show all available information thanks to an API.
In addition to that, it should must also be able to detect a stand thanks to borders iBeacon.

How it works

  1. The administrators can create, via an admnistration Web app, events. They can bind stands to the events. The administrator can also bind multimedia files such as images, videos and audio strips in a stand.
  2. The data set is stored in a database, on a Web server. The multimedia information, of audio and video types, is not saved on the Web server, but stored on external Web servers. The unique common point between the interface of administration and the API is that they use the same database. The interface of administration does not use the API.
  3. When the user opens the application, it is going to connect to the API to get  all the information which it requires. When it got the data back, it shows a list of the events which take place at present. If the user clicks an event, the application shows a list of stands. When the user clicks one of the stands, it shows information about this stand.
  4. The application gets back all the information about the events and the stands which it requires. The API returns the data to the JSON format. The user can navigate between the various events and the stands. He can show additional information about a stand. If the user clicks one of the images, videos or audio files, a new view is displayed and the multimedia element can be seen or listened to.
  5. Near a stand, an iBeacon, will nut a Bluetooth signal containing a unique identifier. The phone has to be at a maximum distance of dozen centimeters of the iBeacon to be detected. Once the iBeacon is detected, the application will generate a notification, indicating to the visitor that he can reach information about the stand. If he clicks the notification, he has access to additional information about this stand.


Introduction view

Event selection view

Stand selection view

Information view

Detection view


For this project, I got the mark of 5.9 from 6. Almost perfect :)


Link to the documentation (only in french..)