During the black friday, I bought a little robot called Cozmo. It's a toy that works with artificial intelligence. Amazing for a toy isn't it?


This robot is managed by a mobile application, then the phone is connected to Wi-Fi issued by Cozmo. The application offers a selection of menus, such as games, tricks and an exploration mode.

The developers aimed to create a kind of Tamagotchi. The "spark" is basically the energy available. Each action that is asked to Cozmo consumes some of these "sparks".

What I find really nice is the emotions that the robot can emit. The creators of Cozmo worked for 3 months on the expression of this robot to make it more expressive and human. Here is an image that brings together the different expressions:

And I have to say, that it's really well done!

Development Kit

As a passionate developer, I looked at their development kit. I wanted to see if it was possible to code a small program. It turns out that there are two options:

  • Develop from the application thanks to Blockly
  • Code a Python via an API

Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance yet to explore the SDK in detail, but I will redo a post as soon as I have the opportunity.


Cozmo is available from 150 CHF.