I work in a group of universities. As these universities are closed during the Christmas holidays, the whole IT team takes the opportunity to make updates and migrations.

In short, during the festival period, they can afford that the network no longer works for a few moments.

I'm in charge of a migration. This activity is not very complex but can have serious consequences if there is a problem. I tested the whole migration in a development environment, and everything went well. However, when I prepared the migration on the prod this morning, I was worried:

  • Will everything work as expected?
  • Will there be major problems?

It scares me to do something without being able to test it before d-day. I have controlled several times all the configuration, but I am still not 100% sure that everything will be running as expected.

I imagine the worst scenario; it would repel the migration and then retry after a while, It would definitely be a blow for me. I hope everything will go well.