I recently started contributing to open source projects on Github. I've done only a small contribution but that is not the point, I've done it.

I started doing open source by publishing my projects on Github. I have a small series. I thought it was a simple way to share what I had done. My goal was to receive feedback from the community.

And after some time, a person gave me a feedback. He had a feature request.

That day, I was so happy that people use my application with the code I made just for myself. I found it huge that someone uses the application I developed during my free time. I felt a certain pride.

Subsequently, I wanted to make myself useful for larger projects, so I used my knowledge of languages to help a project. This project was the Ghost CMS (this site runs under Ghost).

I was not very experienced in open source and I contributed as I thought. In addition it was poorly documented. The consequence was that I had translated all the CMS (about 2h of work) for nothing. My PR was rejected because I did not follow the project guidelines (which I did not find) and so my changes were rejected as well and not used. It was a pity!

Since then, I left open source aside and contributed to an open source project that I wanted to use. I only changed the copyright.

By cons, I took the reflex to always report bugs and / or improvements that came to my mind. And that often ends with an improvement.