According to the World Bank, Switzerland is the eighth country with the highest GDP per capita. How is that possible knowing that Switzerland doesn't have primary resources? Switzerland is also one of the happiest countries in the world according to Forbes.

No wars

Since 1847, Switzerland has not waged war against another country. The last war against another country dates back to 1815. It was the War of the Seventh Coalition. Following this Switzerland has signed the neutrality pact that persists for more than three centuries.

Besides, Switzerland was able to take advantage of the world wars that took place during the last century. They preferred to remain neutral while their neighbors were fighting against each other.


Switzerland has one of the best education systems in the world. 2nd according to just behind Finland.
In my opinion, the education system does a lot. Because if the system is bad, how can you have a well educated working force?

The second point is languages. Switzerland has four national languages. It is very common for a person to speak at least two languages. This makes it very competitive in the international market. It has also been proven that the brains of bilingual people are able to analyze and process information faster.

Here we can see a summary of our education system:

Federal structure

As I briefly explained in this post, Switzerland operates in a federal way. That is to say that the country is divided into parts, 26 "cantons" and that each "canton" has political power and is his own master. This makes it possible to adapt each part of the country according to the needs and the economy.

This federal system is noticeable in many countries crested with success. For example Germany or the USA.

Cantons (states) of Switzerland:

Political System

Switzerland is one of the only countries in the world to be a semi-direct democracy. It has the opportunity to make referendums to counter a decision of parliament and initiatives to add, update or remove articles in the constitution.

In addition to that, we vote four times a year on random topics. Ranging from the abolition of the army through the increase in taxes to the subsidy of peasants who chip (remove the horns) their cows.

What we notice is that the people always vote the most reasonable solution. Typically, a few years ago, Switzerland refused six weeks of mandatory vacation. Because the consequences for SMEs could have been terrible.

I explain it here.

Difficult survival, massive export

The official currency of Switzerland is the Franc. The problem that many companies have is that the franc is too strong compared to other currencies, which makes export extremely difficult. Knowing that half of the money earned in Switzerland comes from exports, companies must be very competitive and innovative to prevent their customers from buying in cheaper markets.

There are hundreds of other reasons why Switzerland has become so rich. We could write a book about it. Uhhm, a guy already did it.