For the second month of Praxis, we have to complete a project. I chose to make a small monitoring application. This application has an administration interface, an API and an agent to control that sites are up.

With this project, I would like to improve my knowledge of CI / CD, my knowledge in NodeJS, more precisely Koa. And finally, I would like to improve my ability to evaluate a workload.

What I want to accomplish each week:

Week 1

  1. Make the project setup
  2. Make the CI/CD pipeline
  3. Make technical choices (which style framework, TS or JS, how to structure my code, etc.)

Week 2

  1. Start a boilerplate for the administration web app
  2. Make the database design

Week 3

  1. Finish the Web application
  2. Make the API

Week 4

  1. Make the agent
  2. Finish the documentation
  3. Make a demo video

The tasks are intentionally very vague, but they gather many points.

The hardest part of the whole project is going to be the administration interface. I have very little time to set up a front-end which must be, in my opinion, nice, simple and functional.