06:00 AM

Getting up, checking the emails I received during the night and see what is happening in the world.

06:30 AM

Go to work by car

06:45 AM

Arriving at my work parking. Walking a couple minutes to my office.

07:00 AM

Arriving at the office and starting working.

09:00 AM

Mandatory break

11:30 AM

Go to eat something

12:00 PM

Start working again

06:00 PM

Finish work. Sometimes earlier.

06:15 PM

Arriving at the car and taking the road.

07:00 PM

Arriving at home. (Yes, after 45' but it took me 15' to go to work.)

07:30 PM

Eat something and watch the news.

08:00 PM

Continue working from home and for Praxis.

12:00 AM

Watch the news and go to sleep.