Alas, we are already in December. It is soon time to celebrate the New Year. Who says new year also says New Year's resolutions.

Until now, I was not too fond of this kind of thing. I thought that it wouldn't be serious to take new resolutions and to stop them in the middle of January.

But this year, I told myself that I will take things in hand and respect them at all cost. Here is my list:

  1. Learn / read something valuable every day
    My goal is to improve myself. I think it's important to evolve constantly.
  2. Practice sport at least twice a week
    Since I started my new job and Praxis, sports has been left aside. I'm hiding right now behind this excuse, but I want to change that.
  3. Healthy eating
    It's very tempting to eat fast food, especially when you have very little time at noon. But I will try to eat healthier more often and allow myself a cheat-meal twice a week. Or I could imagine having a cheat meal every time I do sports.

These are my resolutions, what are yours?