The third week of my project was a bit hectic. If I look at my schedule from the previous week, I planned to do iteration 5 and 6. That is to say, integrate Slack + SMS notification and modify my site to use the API. At the beginning of the week, I decided to re-prioritize my iterations. I came to the conclusion that I would try to add the most important features before making nice to have changes.

So I decided to do iteration # 7 and # 5 this week. Iteration 7 is to add authentication for the agent. Iteration 5 aims, as I said before, to add Slack notifications.

I quickly noticed, during the development, that to integrate a correct authentication takes more time than expected. During my estimation for the week, I had not looked in detail how to realize my two iterations. I tried to estimate the time needed with my experience. However, this was unfortunately not enough.

Conclusion, I spent my whole week testing various implementations of authentication. I decided to build the mechanism with JSON Web Token. It is a standard in the industry. Companies like Google use it to authenticate consumers to their APIs.

However, afterward, I'm still happy that it happened because one of my goals in the project outline was to improve my ability to evaluate the duration of my iterations. I think this goal is achieved.