Here are the five traits I want to improve during my Praxis boot camp:

1. Efficiency

It's very important to be effective on a daily basis. If you are not efficient, the time to complete a task can be amplified many times. To remedy this, I started using the Pomodoro technique at work and at home. It is very difficult to measure productivity / efficiency but I have the impression (purely subjective and can be placebo but it does not matter) that I had a real gain of 15 to 25% approximately.

2. Discipline

In my opinion, discipline is the key to success at boot camp. The fact of doing a little bit each day not only helps not to be overloaded the day of the rendering but also to learn to organize and distribute the load. In addition, I set myself the challenge of doing a little bit each day. Without discipline it is impossible.

3. Organization

The organization is an important point. I doubt that it is possible to do an excellent job without a flawless organization. I try day by day to improve my organization with tools such as Notion.

4. Perseverance

As an entrepreneur, one day or another I will have a setback a failure. Perseverance should allow me to recover and continue despite my failure.

5. Finishing

As a developer, a lot of ideas come to my mind (my techno todo list has more than 50 entries). This often pushes me into a micro-project, start it, move it for a while and then not touch it anymore. I would like to avoid that in the future. Make projects a little less consequent but finish them, document them and push them on Github.

The five people I spend the most time with and one trait that define them:

  • Oriane: Confident
  • RaphaĆ«l: Helpful
  • Jeremy: Critical
  • Dad: Interested
  • Mom: Curious