Every young Swiss man must perform his military service. (While Switzerland is a neutral country). In general, it annoys almost everyone.

The military service can be done in two ways:

  1. Long service. That is, 300 days in one go.
  2. Short service. 4 months then 3 weeks each year for 11 years.

If you don't want to do it, there is an alternative: It's called civil service and it is 1.5 times longer that the army.

There are also other options if you do not want to make the army (favorite subject of young men between 17 and 22 years), you can pretend to be unfit by simulating somnambulism or back pain. Then you became part of the civil protection. Basically, it's the unarmed side of the army and you sleep at home. And the last option is total incapacity. The big disadvantage of the last two options is that you pay a percentage of your gross wage as a penalty. About 3 to 4%.

As in every army, there are several functions. For my part, I was a truck driver. This is one of the most coveted functions because you finish our service with 2 licenses and a job.

Wasting time

The most annoying thing I've seen in the military is the continued wasting of time. The graduates have fun making us wait and bother to finally tell us we do not have enough time to do everything.


One of the key points of the army is discipline. It's also what has struck me the most. There were several checks of everything per day. We were under control from midnight until 5am.


By standing up, more or less attentive from 5am until midnight, we develop a certain continuous fatigue. This fatigue is felt throughout the week. But especially when you come back on weekends. It happened often that I came back and slept for 7-8h while I had already slept at night.

I think it was part of their strategy not to have recruits revolt and make refusals. They try to get them tired so that they become softer and use their brains a little less.

I only noticed afterwards, that not having sleep, exhausting ourselves and then driving trucks of several dozen tons is not necessarily a good idea.