Mission accomplished! I published a daily article for 30 days in a row! It was not easy, but I am very happy to have finished.

As I said before, it was not easy. I had to encounter various challenges throughout the month:

  • Writers block
    Like any writer, after a while, you can not write anymore. I had no idea what to write about and even when I had an idea, it was difficult to write it down
  • Lack of time
    The second point that was quite difficult for me was to find time to write the articles.
  • Language
    The last point that I found by far the most challenging is the language. Always having to translate my publications and correct them took me a lot of time.

Despite the challenges, I think it was a very rewarding experience. The fact of having to put my ideas on paper was very interesting.
In addition, doing research and deepening my knowledge in different areas was also very interesting.

I also had a lot of respect for the two exercises, copywriting and landing page review. However after having done so, I find that these were valuable exercises and which taught me a lot.

There is another point I would like to add at the end of this article. This challenge gave me the opportunity to know better my Praxis colleagues. During the month, just about everyone wrote at least one personal article. This allows us to learn a lot about each others!