I had the chance to participate in a Google recruitment day. The concept of these days is quite simple, they introduce you to the company, how to be hired and they test you.
A recruiter contacted me on LinkedIn and he invited me to participate. As an admirer of this company, I accepted without hesitating a nanosecond.



At the beginning of the day, they invited two people to make speeches. The first one handled about evolution within Google. It was very interesting to hear how she was removed from a team to another a number of times. She explained that it can happen that every 5 to 9 months you change your team to get out of the comfort zone.

The second speech was made by a programmer who is also a recruiter. He explained how to be better during tech interviews and showed us concrete examples of what they ask.

1:1 Mockup interview

The interview was clearly the most interesting part. I was alone with a Google developer. He gave me a problem to solve. And I had to solve an algorithm and then code it.
It was very interesting because there was also an optimization problem. When developing applications that are so used, some small choices can greatly influence the use of resources.


Finally, we had a small tour of the premises with a Google employee. He showed us some small kitchens that are on each floor. Google's food policy is that every employee must have one of those kitchens within 100 feet. The architects arrange the building according to that. What I found nice is that each of these kitchen is furnished with a theme. Here we can see, the kitchen (which is in my back) was made in the theme of a library.