During the second month of Praxis, we must realize a project according to the field in which we wish to work. For me, it was already clear enough before the beginning of the program that I would like to remain in the tech.
Here are my project ideas:

  1. Monitoring Web app
    My plan is to create an application with API. The purpose of this application is quite simple. Monitor applications that work in my current business and receive Slack notifications if a site is no longer accessible.
  2. Domain name checker + notifications.
    My second idea was to create a web application to check if a domain is available. If necessary, you can register and receive email notifications when it becomes available.
  3. My third idea is to create a Chrome extension that allows you to track how much time you spent during the day on a specific site.
  4. My next plan is to create an Android application that allows you to have an overview in which time zone your friends/employees are.
  5. My last idea is to create an alarm clock Android application. The specialty is that to turn off the alarm clock, you must perform a task on the phone, which forces you to wake up.

No matter what project I choose to do, I will improve my skills and knowledge. Hereafter, you will find three of then:

  1. The first is my knowledge of CI / CD. I was fortunate to be able to set up the CI / CD in my company thanks to the Bamboo tool. I wish I could try another tool.
  2. The second is my general knowledge in programming. I would naturally like to be a better programmer after my project.
  3. The last is my ability to measure the workload. In reason of the short time, It will be challenging to restrict the perimeter of the project.