How you may have noticed, I'm pretty busy with containers. It's something new that tickles me. Some say it's the novelty of the decade (but in short, it's another debate).

I spent a good part of my Sunday experimenting with the Kubernetes instance set up at work. After all the time, I can say that it is much better than I thought.

My goal was to compartmentalize an application that we use internally. This application is pretty standard, it works under Nginx, PHP and a mariadb. It's a shame to use a Linux machine just for that, so it's the ideal application to be compartmentalized.

So I created three containers, one for the Nginx server, another for the PHP and one for the database.

The virtual machine is going from 1 GB Ram to some KB. It's a huge economy! If you scale that to all business applications, you can save a huge amount of RAM, CPU and storage.