I was fortunate to be able to attend a conference at Cisco in Rolle, CH. It was a conference mainly for system architects and system administrators, which is not my case. To make it short, at the conference, they presented their brand new product; Cisco Container Platform, aka CCP.

I was very impressed to see such a product because I had never seen a comparable product that could be self-hosted. Many public clouds allow to have comparable products, the best known is certainly Google Cloud. Their container solution works with Kubernetes which is the market leader today. I think that's why Cisco engineers chose to use Kubernetes as an orchestrator for their container platform.

It's quite amazing, because I think the container going to be the IT revolution of this decade. At the beginning, we used physical machines to store an operating system, then we virtualized the servers to be able to store them, several virtual machines on a physical machine. And now we will use a physical machine that hosts a pool of virtual machines hosting containers.

With our operations team, we started an evaluation project. I cannot wait to see the conclusions.