I'm going to give you a topo of applications that I use every day at work and in my free time. Since I am working on MacOS, some apps are only available on this OS.


Notion is an application that allows you to create workspaces and customize it. The advantage of this tool is that it can be configured and arranged as desired and according to our needs.


Slack is an instant messaging tool. It allows creating servers. Inside these, we can create channels to separate the different topics. They have a complete API. I configured monitoring and CI/CD feedback on my work Slack server.


Canary is an email client. There are a vast amount of email clients on the market. It took me a moment to find the one that suits me. The feature that I appreciate most is the email opening tracker.
MoneyWiz is a software that helps manage personal finances.


Setapp is an application but not only. It is a subscription that gives access to a large number of paid apps. For a fee of $ 10/m, you have access to a huge number of paid software.


1Password is a password management software.


Jumpcut is a smart clipboard. It allows you to have a history of the elements you copied.


Spectacle adds missing window management features on MacOS


Spotify is a music streaming service.

Royal TSX

Royal TSX is a remote access software. It allows you to connect to remote machines and configure profiles.